Safety & Security

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be exciting and yet very confusing. You must take the security of your investment seriously or you can easily lose your funds.

Connecting your wallet: Check the website/dapp which you are connecting to and verify it is the legitimate url. There are many fake copies of sites which trick you into connecting your wallet. If you connect to a scam site you will lose your funds. After connecting to any sites and finishing your transaction, DISCONNECT the connection on your wallet. You do not want your wallet connected to any sites when not in use.

Your wallet: This is your access to the blockchain and funds. When you create your wallet WRITE your seed phrase down on paper by hand. DO NOT screen shot your seed phrase or save it on a computer/phone.

Direct messages: The GalaxyBUSD team will NEVER direct message or email you first. If you receive a message or email which looks like it is from us immediately block, report and delete the message. There are many bad actors that create fake accounts which look exactly like the real team members and they will scam you. If you need help please reach out on the official social channels and the team/community will be happy to help. Team members will not message you first.

Use a VPN: When using a computer or phone, protect yourself with a VPN. There are free and paid VPN services available. Research and find the best option for you.


How the Contract Works

Rewards: Every buy & sell transaction incurs a 15% fee. 8% of this fee goes to the contract for rewards. When the contract has built up 3 BNB worth of $GALAXY from the 8% reward fees, it will sell ~3 BNB worth of $GALAXY. You’ll notice on the chart 3 sells in a row. If they add up to around 3 BNB in value, you will know this is the contract selling to send BUSD rewards to all holders.

“I see lots of buys but no rewards” Although it may seem that there is a lot of volume, you must calculate the value of the transactions to see if the contract has built up 3BNB from the 8% fee. Rewards will come but can take time if the value of transactions is low.

Buy Back & Burn: The contract collects 2% of every buy & sell transaction. When the contract has stored enough value it will buy 0.1 BNB worth of $GALAXY per transaction and send it to the burn address. The circulating supply will continue to decrease with the Buy Back & Burn function.


When Marketing?

“Is the team not doing enough?” The team is always working for the community. We analyze and implement new marketing techniques everyday, most of which take time to complete.

Community Marketing: The community is the biggest driver for any crypto project. We ask all community members to share in the efforts to get the word out and help others who are new to the project.

Daily Tasks: To do your part in supporting the project, complete these daily tasks!


  • • Go to and search for GalaxyBUSD. On the GalaxyBUSD page scroll down to “How do you feel about GalaxyBUSD today?” and click “👍 Good”. Be sure to add GalaxyBUSD to your watchlist ⭐.
  • • Go to and search for GalaxyBUSD. On the GalaxyBUSD page scroll down to “How do you feel about GalaxyBUSD today?” and click “👍 Good”. Be sure to add GalaxyBUSD to your portfolio ⭐.
  • • Make sure you are following the official GalaxyBUSD twitter account Like, Comment, & Retweet the official posts. Follow and support other community members. Create discussion to provide information to new potential holders.
  • • Using your favorite socials, create posts/content about GalaxyBUSD to share with your followers. Use relevant hash tags and text for exposure.
  • • Join or create discussion on our social channels. Help other community members with their questions. This is a community effort!