Rapidly earn BUSD by holding $GALAXY An intergalactic, deflationary reflection token.

Galaxy BUSD (GALAXY) is a deflationary reflection token on the Balance Smart Chain. Holders of the Galaxy BUSD (GALAXY) token receive their share of 8% of all buy & sell transactions in Binance-Peg BUSD (a stablecoin pegged to the value of USD).The more Galaxy BUSD you hold, the more you will earn in reflections.

Galaxy BUSD is the first ever BUSD reflecting token to have a separate transfer fee of only 2%.This fee reduction incentivizes transacting with Galaxy BUSD in any case you can imagine.


$GALAXY premise lies in distributing rewards to holders in BUSD through its transaction mechanism. It is an actively traded token that attracts crypto enthusiasts due to its reflection model and future profit potential relative to BUSD.


Enjoy passive reflections in the form of BUSD from every buy and sell transaction. The 15% buy/sell tax is strategically distributed: 8% to Holders of $GALAXY, 3% to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, 2% Buy Back & Burn, 1% to Marketing and 1% to Development.


Buy & Sell Fee 15%

- Holders: 8%
- Liquidity: 3%
- BuyBack&Burn: 2%
- Marketing: 1%
- Development: 1%

Transfer Fee 2%

- Holders: 0.5%
- Liquidity: 0.5%
- BuyBack&Burn:0.5%
- Marketing: 0.25%
- Development: 0.25%


Every transaction incurs a fee [15% for Buys & Sells] [2% for Transfers]. When a fee is charged, the contract exchanges the BNB received for Binance-Peg BUSD and distributes the fee to the holders, liquidity pool, buyback & burn wallet, marketing wallet, and development wallet.

Buy Back & Burn

Every 24 Hours,the contract will buy the Galaxy BUSD token at market price with the fees collected and send it to the Burn Address.This introduces a deflationary aspect to GALAXY. All tokens sent to the Burn Address cannot be recovered-decreasing the circulating supply.


The Galaxy BUSD team has extensive plans for creating products that service and improve upon the DeFi experience. Profits from our ecosystem will be used to Buy Back & Burn $GALAXY (rewarding holders and decreasing the circulating supply).

Galaxy BUSD Whitepaper

As a team with vision,we plan to build an ecosystem of products which will provide benefits to the DeFi community and more use cases for the Galaxy BUSD (GALAXY) token.

You can view the official $GALAXY whitepaper here.

The whitepaper will be updated with new information as it becomes available, so make sure to follow our announcements on social media to stay up to date.

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Galaxy BUSD Roadmap

*Roadmap and release dates are subject to change.


November 2024


December 2024


January 2025


February 2025


Q2 2025


Q3 2025


Q4 2025


Q1 2026

Not your usual DeFi project

Let's save as many lives as we can!

GalaxyBUSD was created specifically to help women all over the world who are currently battling breast cancer. We sincerely hope they succeed. Join our movement and together we can make this a reality.

Our last donations

As we are still in the early stages, our goal is to make at least
two donations per week. You will be able to see where we donated as well
as proof in this section.

Our next donation?

Join our Telegram community and cast your vote for the next breast cancer fighter to receive a donation.


GalaxyBUSD ($GALAXY) is a deflation token on the Binance Smart Chain. It operates on a mechanism where 8% of all buying and selling transactions are distributed to Binance-Peg BUSD holders. This is a token that is forecasted and traded against Binance USD (BUSD). The value of this token fluctuates and is tracked against various currencies such as USDT, BTC and USD.

The token is also a utility token for the upcoming decentralized launchpad for Binance Smart Chain, PulseChain, and Safemoon Blockchain. Holders of GalaxyBUSD will have early access to pre-sales on the multi-chain launchpad. The token is available for trading on PancakeSwap.
MetaMask: Be sure you have the Smart Chain network open. Click "Import Tokens". Paste the GalaxyBUSD token address [0x70375e2adf741229d1b6d0e3f78bb30f4ac67260]. Click "Import". GALAXY will now show in your tokens list.

Trust Wallet: Click the toggle button in the upper right corner of your Trust Wallet app. In the Search field enter the GalaxyBUSD token address
[0x70375e2adf741229d1b6d0e3f78bb30f4ac67260]. Click "Add Custom Token". Switch the network to "Smart Chain". Paste the GalaxyBUSD token address. Name: GalaxyBUSD | Symbol: GALAXY | Decimals: 9. Click "Done", then "Save". GALAXY will now show in your tokens list.
2% of all Buy & Sell fees as well as 0.5% of all Transfer fees are collected by the contract to Buy Back & Burn GALAXY..

  • Increases Volume
  • Increases Rewards
  • Generate Positive Price Action
  • Increases Circulating Supply
Galaxy BUSD starts as a passive income generating token. Simply holding the token removes the need for expensive and inefficient mining as well as the risks involved with pool-farming.

Initial Products:
  • Reflections Dashboard
  • Live Chart

Future Products:
  • Wallet
  • Multi-Chain Launchpad (Binance, PulseChain, Safemoon)
Buys & Sells - All buy and sell transactions are charged a 15% fee.This fee is structured to disincentivize selling, reward long term holders, and fund the ecosystem.

8% of the buy & sell fee is automatically distributed to all holder’s wallets in proportion to the amount they compared to all other reflection receiving wallets.

Transfers - The fee for transfers has been reduced to 2% for the first time ever in a BUSD reflecting token.This increases the usability of Galaxy BUSD and allows holders to migrate to a new wallet without being charged 15%.
The Balance Smart Chain is a blockchain network that Galaxy BUSD operates on. Galaxy BUSD leverages the Balance Smart Chain infrastructure to create a decentralized token that offers reflections in BUSD stablecoin to holders.
Galaxy BUSD charges a 15% fee on all buys and sells, with 8% going to reflections for holders. This incentivizes holding long-term. It charges a lower 2% fee for wallet-to-wallet transfers to increase usability and allow easier migration to new wallets.
The roadmap shows plans to launch products like a reflections dashboard, a multi-chain launchpad for Balance Smart Chain, PulseChain and Safemoon networks, a Galaxy wallet, and more. These add additional utility for the Galaxy BUSD token within a broader ecosystem.
Some major upcoming milestones are listings on sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for better visibility and tracking, launching a live Galaxy BUSD price chart, completing audits like Certik to improve trust, and releasing an initial beta version of their planned launchpad product.
PancakeSwap is a popular decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain. Since Balance Smart Chain is similar, listing on PancakeSwap will allow easy trading of the Galaxy BUSD token by leveraging PancakeSwap's large existing liquidity and userbase.